Podcasts for Readers and Writers

I love podcasts. My day job gets monotonous, and I like learning new things while I do the same tasks day after day. I even started a podcast of my own recently, but in this post I want to recommend the ones that inspired me.

Hearing about the challenges authors face, how they approach writing and their experiences with agents, publishers, and marketing has given me so much more complete a picture of what I actually need to do to pursue writing as a career. If I can help anyone in some small way, or point them toward someone who can, that just feels like paying it forward.

Writing Podcasts:

Wrong Place, Write Crime

This podcast focuses on author interviews with really interesting and diverse authors. Mostly crime fiction, but there will be something for everyone. The host, Frank Zafiro, is a former cop who mostly writes procedurals and has an output that I am insanely jealous of. He’s also a really cool guy who gave me some confidence in my writing when I needed it.

Writer Types

Hosted by Eric Beetner, this is a high energy podcast that sounds like a morning radio show. It’s usually how I start my day and he’s so funny and has such good conversations, he always puts me in a good mood. Guests include Lee Child, Lawrence Block, Jeffrey Deaver and many more.

The Bastard Title

I heard Angel Luis Colón on Wrong Place, Write Crime and immediately started following The Bastrad Title. This is a crime fiction podcast with authors I was less familiar with which is part of why I like it. I’ve added a lot of books to my reading list after hearing about them on here.

Print Run

Laura Zats and Erik Hane are literary agents, and I found it so helpful to learn what they had to say about queries, marketing, and the publishing industry as a whole. A must listen for any author.


Reading Podcasts:

One Great Book

Anne Bogel hosts this short and sweet podcast. I wanted to include this one because it contains all genres and is great for when you are short on time (episodes tend to be around 10 minutes.)

What Should I Read Next?

This is Anne Bogel’s longer podcast (1 hour episodes) where she talks reading and sometimes writing with a guest, then asks them for 3 books they loved, 1 book they didn’t, and makes recommendations for them based on their answers. It’s a very soothing podcast to listen to. It’s like Great British Baking Show level calm, which can be useful some days.




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