Why Horror?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I write and read the things I do. Why scare the fecal matter out of myself and others?15688738022481352342553

It has been suggested to me that perhaps this isn’t the best genre for someone with an anxiety disorder.

But horror doesn’t tell me that bad things happen. I know bad things happen. I am painfully aware. Horror gives the bad things in my head context.

Unspeakable things happen. I see it play out. Then life goes on… Or doesn’t as the case may be. Either way, it has an expiration date within the story. Unless a character is stuck in some sort of purgatory, and even then if it’s an interesting book something will still happen. Things will change. Nothing is forever. This is comforting.

There are terrible things, but there aren’t only terrible things. 1568875290852828626489The darkness has limits and cannot be all encompassing.

It soothes my anxieties in a way that happy stories can’t because it starts with the validation that the worst things in my head might happen, but then stipulates that other things will also happen.

I’ll be posting weekly for the foreseeable future. Possibly more. My book is finished pending a final edit by myself and beta readers. I’ll post updates on that as they happen. 1568877008852536290498


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6 responses to “Why Horror?

  1. Shawn

    Awesome to see you back In the game!!! I personally steer clear of horror stuff, but you lnow ill read it if you write it!! God bless!

  2. I cannot wait for your book to be published. Should we expect sequels? Also, it sounds like you will be taking a hopeful tone in this novel? Is that a correct assumption?

  3. Yasoo

    Very interesting . And nice pictures. I’ll be probably one of the first ones that buys that Book. Or lets say I will try to be the first one.

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